Friday, January 09, 2009

How's It Going to Be...

I really have yet to decide if I have a resolution for 2009. Instead, I just have some simple goals that I want to accomplish--- I don't really consider them a "resolution".

1. Expect nothing from people. I have too many expectations, and I am constantly disappointed because of it. If I just live in the minute, I think I'll be a truly happier person. (I started to do this toward the end of 2008, and it helped a lot!)

2. Just deal with my current situation, don't run away on trips when life gets hard..... I tend to do that a lot-- but at least I've added about 7 new countries to my list of places "I've visited".

3. Save what I can from now until July, so I can move home and go back to school... I really want to become a certified teacher in the US. Even though I've yet to give my Master's of Public Administration a real "go" --- I'm not quite sure I'd be very happy.

4. Stay positive, and don't let others affect me.

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