Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Slow down!

Why do vacations away from work go much faster than vacations from school as a kid?

I only have 5 days left in the states, and about 1,000+ things to do! Argh!

Anyways, I had the pleasure of seeing two of my bestest friends tonight-- I can now rest easy.

Random update of the day. I read this on a blog, and it's a must "re-post"

Twenty-something Bar Patron #1: Has your girlfriend ever walked in on you when you were rubbing one out?

Twenty-something Bar Patron #2: ummm, no.

TSBP1: Tracy went out with some of her friends for Girls Night last night. She told me she was staying at her place, so I didn’t expect her. About midnight she changed her mind, comes to my place and walks in on me while I’m multi-jacking…

TSBP2: Multi-jacking?

TSBP1: You know – jacking off while you’re doing something else.

TSBP2: What else can you do while jacking off?

TSBP1: Porn on the computer, MSNBC on the TV

TSBP2: Wouldn’t that make it poli-jacking?

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