Friday, December 26, 2008


I made it safely!

I'm in Chicago, and I'm actually not really experiencing as much jet lag as I thought I would.. I was tired when I got off the plane in Chicago, but I just dealt with it. Went to bed at 1 am Chicago time (4 pm-- Seoul time) and I woke up at 9--- I slept through the night which was nice!

A few quick things I've already recognized...

1. All Americans are super fat. I can't even believe that I use to be as huge as most of the people I saw eating burgers and fries at lunch today.

2. Americans are pretty miserable and rude. Even though most older Koreans are rude, the younger generation is super nice. I don't think a single person smiled at me or welcomed me into any store that we went into today....

3. PORTIONS are HUGE. No wonder everyone is fat. I got a sandwich at the airport, and I ate it over 3 meals.

Ok, those are my random observations so far!

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To Be Announced said...

I don't like your observations... Sorry you're so much better than the rest of America now