Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Things I look forward to.

I'm about 2 months from my trip HOME.

Here is my short list of things that I can't wait to do, eat, drink, see, etc.


2. A few select friends.... Celia, Sarah, Steph to name a few.

3. BLUE MOON in excess.

4. Drying my clothes in a dryer. yes!

5. My own bed at home. (even though I'm really not sure if I remember what it feels like)

6. DRIVING! (It'll be a rental car, but I have driven once in over a year!)

7. Speaking and hearing English all day, every day.

8. SHOPPING. And buying JEANS. Again, I haven't been able to buy new jeans in over a year!

9. Chipotle, Jamba Juice, Buffalo Wild Wings, Deep Dish Pizza.. to name a few.

10. Chicago at night. Even though it'll be winter and freezing!

More to come.....

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Regarding #7 - have you been home since you came across? If not, be prepared for just how weird it will be to hear that much English again. For like two weeks, I couldn't help but eavesdrop on conversations all the time and felt like I must be walking around with my mouth open in surprise!

It's been less weird with each trip home, and in spite of that I can't get over listening to all of the English in Haebangchon.