Thursday, October 02, 2008

my vices.

Ah... I should sleep. But, what the hell. No work tomorrow!

Things that I plan to do over the three day weekend.

1. Workout--- whether this means climbing a mountain, or going for a run. I need to do something to lose this belly.

2. GROCERY shopping ---- again, eating out all week didn't do much for my boyish figure.

3. Sleeping, breathing, relaxing. enough said.

4. CLEANING and laundry.

5. Killing all the DAMN mosquito's that have found shelter in my studio. GO away.

6. Write a little.. or do some art.... or take some photographs.... hmm.

I'll check back Monday and let you know how I did!

1 comment:

To Be Announced said...

Sounds better than my current plans of study and oh wait study..