Friday, October 03, 2008

5 favs.

I was thinking about fall tonight..... and about snacks... and just food in general (how badly I wanted a caramel apple, damn). I had to do with what I had though.. peanut butter and apples are just as tasty!

So. I compiled a list.

My 5 "favorite" whenever snacks....What are yours?

5. Cheese and Crackers.

4. Popcorn

3. peanut butter m&m's

2. peanut butter and apples

1. granola with plain yogurt mixed together.

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To Be Announced said...

MMMM peanut butter M&Ms..

1. Bread, any kind
2. Those tins of popcorn that have the cheese and the Carmel that are so bad for you
3. Sour Jelly Bellies (but only the 5 original flavors not those extended flavors the 22 pack or what not)
4. Watermelon sour patch
5. did I say bread.. oh wait I did.. hmmm Cheesy Waffle Fries from bulldog lol yep that'll do