Monday, October 06, 2008

Mmm. That's what's happening.

I've been blogging excessively lately. Maybe it's to clear my head, or maybe I just have a lot of extra energy this past week or so.

I love how healthy I can eat when I actually go grocery shopping and put my mind to work. Maybe my fajitas last night weren't that healthy. But I'm sure all the roasted veggies and the whole grain tortillas were better than a Big Mac and Fries. ah?

Today, I made vegetable wraps for lunch (onions, broccoli, green peppers, and a little bit of cheese) I also had some fruit.

I had a chicken wrap (that I prepared) and an apple for dinner.....

Tomorrow I made a salad for lunch with fresh broccoli and green beans... I'm excited to eat it! I also cut up the apples, and will bring those too. The apples this time of year are absolutely to die for!

Now on to my book, I'm determined to finish it tonight!

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