Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mind. Fuck.

I change my mind so much that I lose track of all the different plans that I have made for myself.
Most days I do not want to stay another year in Korea, other days I'm perfectly content with signing on for another year.

I was almost sure that I was going to come home in March, following a trip to Australia. The friend that was suppose to accompany me on the trek through Australia seems to have flaked. She hasn't made up her mind, but with the economy where it is currently, we both know that she isn't going to be able to pull the funds together. I do, still hope, that this may change.

Recently, after a quick chat with my boss, I may have changed my mind altogether. I wouldn't mind staying another year here come March. Obviously, there are a few factors to consider, one being will I get the amount of money that I want. Another being whether or not I'll get some vacation time in between, and the third being an apartment closer to work. If everything goes the way I want it to, which lets face it, it won't, then I'd resign in a heart beat.

HOWEVER. My new plan of attack goes something like this.

1. Save every penny I can from November- March. This may be difficult considering I'm going home to Chicago for 10 days, and I'm sure I'll spend my life savings.

2. Work with my boss on getting the three things listed above.

3. If step 2 fails, spend 2 weeks at home in March with my family. Spend 2 weeks trekking from Rome to Istanbul (my new plan) and then come back to Korea for 1 more year to actually GET SHIT PAID off.

4. Step three, however, will require I find a different job in Korea- I doubt I'm going to get the month gap I want in between contracts.

Ah! Back to my bottle of red wine now.

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