Sunday, October 19, 2008

living and learning.

Sometimes I'm so surprised by the things I can do and find here in Korea. This experience the past 15 months has been much different than I really expected.

I mean coming into it, as a 22 year old, I really thought that I was going to be sleeping on the floor and eating rice just about ever night. The eating rice thing, isn't really that bad, and I'd probably be a lot thinner if that was the case.

This journey has been surreal at times, regardless of the hard times (and yes, there have been plenty of personal obstacles that I tackle week to week). Overall, though, I must say that life in Seoul is very "easy".

Recently, I was reading a blog of a friend I use to know. She is in year two of her two year stunt with the Peace Corps (something that I've considered doing in the past). Anyways, she's been living in Africa for a whole year now in a country called "Lesthos" by South Africa. As I was reading, I realized HOW different my experience has been from hers. While I count down the days for the weekend, she counts down the days for a shower. They have to wait for a week or so at a time before they can go to a tiny area in town for showers. I couldn't even fathom this idea. wow. No running water, no electricity. She reads using a light helmet. The things I so take for granted each day, are the simple things that she yearns for and waits patiently for.

Anyways, her experience seems amazing, and it just made me appreciate how easy it was to adjust to Korea (More so than I or anyone else probably expected).

But I do wonder if you can find an Au Bon Pain in Africa like you can in Seoul?! But then again, what is normalcy?

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