Friday, September 05, 2008


To make myself feel better today, I've begun my research for mine and Annie's trip to Australia and New Zealand when my contract ends in March. If all goes as planned, we'll spend 2 weeks in OZ and 1 week or so in New Zealand.

Here's my plan of attack thus far.

Starting in Cairns (where the great barrier reef is...) and working our way down to Sydney. This route will take us through the beaches, rain forests, and even the outback. yes!

When we get to Sydney, after spending a few days there, we'll fly to Auckland. I found a ticket for 214 bucks. score.
New Zealand is separated as two islands. The North Island and the South Island. It'll definitely take more than week to make our way from Auckland to Dunedin. I think we'll just start in Auckland, in hopes of making our way down to the glaciers. Then on to the USA.

Estimated arrival back in America. April 18th?!

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