Monday, August 25, 2008

Today. Tonight. Tomorrow. This week.

Today marks the day. The first time in a whole year of being a teacher, that I overslept! I either a- shut my alarm off without realizing... or b- it just didn't go off. I honestly do not remember shutting it off, because that is just not a typical thing I do. When I don't want to get out of bed at 7:30, I always re-set it for 8, and then go in frantic mode to check my 8:25 am bus. *sigh*

A friend called at 9:30, and I answered in a daze..... it went something like this....

K: "Ray, are you awake?"
R: "Um, I think so.... did I miss the bus?"
K: "It's 9:30, are you on your way to work?"
R: "Oh shit, I overslept, yessss I'm on my way".

I arrived at 9:45, unprepared, but ready to teach my first class at 9:50.

Definitely not a great way to start the day.

I have 20 minutes of work left, then it's home to start my "to do" list-- which begins with cooking yummy steak quesidillas on my hot plate.

(for my own purposes)
- find pay stubs and korea bills --- move them all together into one folder. GET ORGANIZED!
- make budget for September
- Email Sue about China visa- when can I pick it up?
- fold and put away laundry
- BED early. Set alarm.

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