Thursday, August 21, 2008

A New Earth.....

Sometimes when I feel awful, I find that watching Oprah- regardless of the topic of the show- always gives me some sort of new hope.

However; tonight, I wondered if Oprah is ever full of shit. I'm sure to some extent yes. She has a way of making it seem like she is passionate about every single topic there is out there: equality, humanity, liberty, etc. etc.

Has anyone ever read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle? I'm not sure when Oprah filmed this show, but I just watched it tonight. Anyways, it's this book that gives new hope on life. Finding presence and changing the way you are and react in many different situations and scenarios. Somehow you're suppose to find your life purpose through taking an honest look at humanity. Well, anyways, she had many guests on who all shared their experiences and how the book has helped them. One of the ladies was dying from cancer, and she said the book helped her to see death as something "to look forward to". She's no longer afraid to die.

I guess I'm bringing this all up, because I'm at the point in my life that everything is confusing. I'm taking situations for granted. Sometimes I feel lost. Sometimes I don't know how to feel. Some of you may say that it's depression, but I disagree. I'm not depressed, I promise you that.

If you've read this book, I'm curious to know how you feel now that you've read it.


To Be Announced said...

Uh Oprah is a billionaire.. she definitely has the resources to be concerned about a bunch of things all at once..

Miss Wiese said...

I have read it.......and listened to the Pod Casts......listen to the Pod Casts they are more beneficial in my opinion.

I like 'em. =)