Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Damn. Grease. LIGHTNING!

I'm now convinced that EVERY shirt I own and wear to work has a GREASE stain on it.

Oh, maybe this is because you can't eat out Korean food, without grease splattering from a grill all over you.

I just noticed today that the blue polo I have, in fact, has 2 huge grease stains.....

After work, I will be spending copious amounts of money at gap.com, in hopes that my mom will pay the lovely shipping costs to send the items to me.

After all, it is my birthday in 2.5 weeks.

Am I really going to be 24 years old?

Is it too late to become a journalist, or a lawyer?

Hm.. the thought of the day.


To Be Announced said...

I thought you didn't want to be a lawyer?

Amanda said...

Haha. No! A friend of mine (we taught together in Korea years ago) went back to the States and is now starting law school at 31. You`ve got plenty of time, young`in.