Sunday, May 18, 2008

Losing My Mind...


Why are we so quick to want to grow up?!

I wish I could go back to my first day at Millikin and do it all over again.

I'd stay that extra year in fact.

I then would have done a 2 year Master's program instead of a 1 year.

I probably would have still come to Korea for the year, but I'd be starting a PhD program in the fall.

What was I thinking?! Now what am I to do.


I feel like a train wreck.. help me. please.


To Be Announced said...

You can always go back to school

cloggn02 said...

Oh honey you're not a train wreck!! Seriously! You may not be receiving a formal degree out of this, but you're learning alot! About independence, culture, and life in general! People skills are the most important thing in almost any career that is worth anything, and untill you are diverse enough to understand a few different cultures and human natures you are not fit to be in a position over anyone! Ya know? You are the farthest thing from close-minded after an experience like this, and that alone will get you farther than a Ph.D! :) I know you will do great things, and you have PLENTY of time! Don't worry! :)