Friday, February 15, 2008

Jet Set to THAILAND.

Ah, I'm officially back from my trip to Thailand- well I've officially been back since Monday, but now is the first moment that I've had time to sit back and think about it- or at least write about it.

Anyways, everyone says that when you go to Thailand there are some things you must do. For starters,

1. Go to the beach, eat pineapple, and swim in the sea- CHECK.
2. Watch the sunset, eat at a street vendor, and get a massage or two - CHECK
3. Ride an elephant in the jungle- CHECK
4. Go to Ko Phi Pi (or a similar island) and snorkel- CHECK
5. Eat a lot of PAD THAI and check out a palace- CHECK

I think we did Thailand justice, I came home with a sun burn, lots of gifts, lots of pictures, and a ton of memories. Elephant trekking in the jungle was awesome, and I snorkeled in the same beach that they filmed the movie "The Beach" with Leonarado DeCaprio back in the day- cool stuff ah?!

All in all, you should definitely see a Thailand sunset, and have a Singha (the Thai beer)-- if nothing else, it's a pretty rad stamp in the passport!


Aurora Borealis said...

Your first picture could go on a calendar or travel advertisement. Your third picture - well - that would have been priceless to see and hear you riding an elephant in person.

That commenty enough for ya? XOXO

alwiese said...

wow wow wow......miss you