Monday, February 18, 2008

fair game.

It's pretty fair to say that we are all complainers....

When we're 15, we complained that we needed to be 16 so that we could get our driver's license and be a step closer to being OUT of our parents house!

When we're 17, we complain about having a curfew, and not being able to ditch school in order to stand in line for concert tickets....

When we're 18, we complain about college applications and having to wait the WHOLE summer to move into our dorms at our new cool Universities!

When we're 19 and 20 we complain about those Universities that we're paying an arm and a leg for..... we complain about having to get a part time job to even out of the costs of going out to eat, drinking on the weekends, and buying college sweatshirts at the overpriced book store.... We ALSO complain about being 20 and NOT being allowed to go to the bar yet!

When we're 21, we complain about not having money to go to the bar, we complain about papers, and thesis', and tests.. We complain about college almost being over, and we complain about having to look for a job!

When we're 22, we've graduated and again we complain about NOT finding a job... we complain about being broke, and we COMPLAIN about COMPLAINING about our whole damn life!

HA. and when you hit 23, you realize how badly you wish you could go back to being 18, and starting college all over again. I'd much rather complain about having a test and being broke then having to wake up every day and go to work for 9 hours :(

Who agrees?!

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Aurora Borealis said...

... And when we leave work to go back to school we'll complain about not having health insurance, benefits, and all the glorious things that go with work as well... for example, a monthly bonus.