Sunday, November 04, 2007

I <3 weekends, and sometimes Korea :)

After having a pretty crappy week at work, the weekend was fabulous and I'm feeling freshed enough to try another week at work!

I guess the good stuff started on Thursday when I met Mia and 8 of our friends for shabu shabu. For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about I'll explain! Shabu is a hot pot full of broth and veggies. You dip raw meat into the hot pot after it's boiling, and you eat a minute or so later. After you've eaten all the meat, you can then eat the potatoes, followed by the u-dong noodles. The noodles are these thick like noodles that actually are quite tasty! This time, since there were so many of us, we also had fried rice at the end, which ended up being my new favorite food in Korea. I must eat it this week!

After dinner, we went to WA bar (another Western bar in Yeonsu- since we're all pretty much tired of US 66). After more or less being asked to leave since we are loud (but then again, any group of 9 people would end up being loud) we found our way to a Hookah bar! Let me just say, this place is definitely my new favorite bar and I have a feeling there will be MANY nights spent there in the upcoming months. I was so excited to actually do hookah since I haven't even been to a hookah bar since I lived in DC which was over 2 years ago! All in all, it ended up being a good night, and Mia and I finally found our way home around 3:30 am!

Friday, Joonho came to Incheon and we had dinner with Mia. After walking around looking for something new to eat, we ended up at Sorento. Sorento is a nice little Italian restaurant by our apartments- which is absolutely delicious! After dinner, we snuggled in at Whoever ( a quiet little coffee shop) and shared some delicious cheesecake and conversation. We met Susan (one of Mia's friends) who happens to be pretty amazing and so damn classy! The rest of the night, Joonho and I watched grey's anatomy and slept. Yep!

Saturday, we met up with Mia again. After eating pizza and garlic bread in my pjs, we decided to go to Seoul for the day. Mia and I went to Namsan Tower- I'd been before, but she hadn't. It was absolutely way better this time, especially considering that the trees are FINALLY in full FALL form! I'll attach pictures for your viewing pleasure. After partaking in eating some delicious fries at the tower, and having just about enough with the massive amount of creepy Middle Eastern guys, we ventured to Itaewon for dinner. Here, we found an amazing Thai Restaurant, which got us REALLY excited for our upcoming trip to Thailand- which is now officially less than 3 months away! The night ended with chai tea at the Coffee Bean and a long and confusing train ride home!

As if the weekend wasn't already jammed packed with excitement, Sunday came, and I met Joonho in Seoul. After having lunch and finally meeting one of his friends, we ventured to where he went to college and he showed me around the campus- which was nestled on a hill- I loved it! After seeing the campus, we went to the movies and saw, "Copying Beethoven". Honestly, I thought the movie was probably going to be really lame, but I actually really liked it! After the movie, we walked around a huge outdoor market, had dinner, and coffee. Good byes are never fun or easy for me. But there is always this week and next weekend! Oh, and I finally got cute glasses, so now I can be just like the other Asians :)

All in All, things are going well and there will be lots more to update you all on soon! :)

I promised I wouldn't post this on facebook, but I guess my blog is fair game, eh?! :)

Me with the trash robot at Namsan!

Namsan Tower in November!

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