Sunday, October 28, 2007

2.5 months....ish..

So, sorry for the lack of entires, but I've been working A LOT and I haven't done anything fun since last weekend anyways. But here goes nothing.....

Anyways, been hanging out a lot with Mia lately. She's really fun, and intriguing, and we have a lot to talk about since she's coming to Thailand with Annie and I! I'm pretty much stoked. I wish it would come sooner, but at least it is something to look forward to. We finally have confirmed airline reservations, which is greattttt since everything was really expensive and booking up quite quickly. I think it worked out in our favor though, but I guess we shall see :)

As for this weekend. Saturday my school made us work. We didn't have to teach, but I had to attend Family Sports Day from 11:30-6:30. I got paid over time, but I can think of about 1,000 others things I would have rather done!

Friday night- Joonho, Jenna, and I went for galbi and drinks. It was a really fun night. It was fun to bring Joonho out to meet some of my friends, and really cool to catch up with Jenna. I really enjoy her sarcasm, she makes me laugh soo much about such crazy stuff!

After work yesterday, I met up with Mia and we went for pizza. It's crazy how much I love the pizza here, because at first I was so freaked out about the fact that there was corn on the pizza. But they load on the veggies, and it actually just takes really good! Almost as good, if not, better than some of the pizza at home. After pizza, we played arcade games, where I literally got my ass kicked as Cruisin' USA and then we went to see Resident Evil 3. or 4. or whatever one it was. I hadn't seen any of them before, but other than the fact that I jumped out of my seat a fews times, I suppose it was thoroughly entertaining. I may see the next one, maybe.......

I'm still downloading American shows on Itunes way too much- mostly now just Grey's and Gossip Girl. But damn, my silly credit card, I can't imagine how much I've racked up on in one month. Thankfully pay day is only a week and a few days away!

So, today I met Mia's friend Sam- who I also really enjoyed! We met up with Joonho and ate at this place called Big Rock. It's Canadian inspired and they serve western style breakfast. I had hash browns, eggs, french toast, the works!! And the best part was that it was all you can eat, and only cost 9,900 won. So about 10 dollars. It was a good Sunday all in all though. We bummed around, shopped, drank coffee. Good good times!

Ok, with that, I've completely updated you and must sleep!

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