Sunday, September 02, 2007

rainy weekend in SoKo= lots of new observations

And the observations continue....
1. If you order pizza in Korea, expect that it will have corn on it! Usually under the cheese- it makes for quite an interesting mix.

2. If you go to a public restroom at a decent place in Korea, your toliet will have buttons on the side. Won told me that these are to cleanse your ass after you go number 2. You press one button and it'll squirt a good amount of water to that area, then you dress another button and it'll blow dry your ass. Amazing, eh?

3. Come rain or shine you can expect to see a Korean woman with an umbrella to protect herself from the bright rays or the cool drops of rain!

4. Koreans will not call you Americans, they will call us Westerners.

Anyways, this weekend it rained off and on the entireeeee weekend. Friday after I got home from work, Won came to get me and we hung out at his apartment and watched tv and ate pizza. It was a good time! Saturday, he took me to Itaewon (a part of Seoul full of foreigners)- there we ate at Outback Steak House and went to an English book store! I'm determined to learn Korean, and I think having a friend that is a native speaker is going to help me pick it up quickly!

Today, Won took me to China Town. We ate traditional Chinese cuisine: sweet and sour pork, fried and steamed dumplings, shrimp fried rice, etc. It was quite tasty! We walked around, saw one of the temples they have in China Town, and the Douglas McArthur statue too. All in all it was a relaxing and fun day!

Tomorrow starts the beginning of the work week, and I am not looking forward to that at all!

Until then!


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To Be Announced said...

The umbrella thing is true in Louisiana too.. Just an FYI