Wednesday, September 26, 2007

great day in Asia!

As it is officially my last day of vacation, I choose to spend the day relaxing since I've been on the go most of my vacation!

This included sleeping until 1, and not showering until 3:30!

After I finally shaved and showered I got dressed and walked over to "Whoever" - the local coffee shop. As it is fastly approaching Autumn, there is a nice breeze now. I walked the streets of Yeonsu-dong with my coffee. This is the first time I've really done this since I got here 5 weeks ago. It was really great though!!

I went into some of the stores. I bought a zip up jacket from Puma, and I found my way back to my apartment. I cleaned up some, and then headed to the grocery store!

Usually the grocery store is a daunting task for me, because I never know what anything is or what I want to cook! However, I went there this afternoon with a game plan. I knew I wanted some potatoes, and green peppers, and onions- so I could make eggs and fried potatoes for dinner. While finding these, I also FINALLY found peanut butter. Yes, it's Jiffy and yes it cost me 5,000 won (about 6 dollars) - but it's going to be a great investment!

When you're living in a new country (and I'm sure Andrea will vouch for me) as much as you want to try everything new that you can, it gets old quickly. Ultimately, you are not going to like EVERYTHING that you try. In the meantime, I have found the Korean foods that I do like a lot, but I've been eating way too much of the same things. Right now I'm eating my fried potatoes and they taste like heaven! It's nice to taste something "familiar"!

The break away from teaching has been really nice, and I'm starting to feel a lot more comfortable! Yay for making friends, cleaning my apartment, and getting to sleep in for a few days!

Write me emails folks, I miss you!

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