Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Life goes on...

So someone cruel thought it'd be a fun game if they made a list of the things that they did not like about me. I could go on and list the 40 or so things that they said, but instead, I want to say this.

Everyone has faults, and I am coming to terms with that. Over the past year I have worked really hard to fix what I didn't like about myself, and I think that I have done a great job at that.

I'm sorry that you dont like the way I style my hair, or the fact that I have side burns, I'm sorry that you think Im short and fat, and I'm sorry that you don't like my nose.

Im sorry that you were my friend because you "felt bad for me"... Honestly, if you have enough time to point out everyone elses's fault, then I kinda feel bad for you. I hope you can find time to fix your own problems instead of pointing out everyone else's.

Have a nice life.

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