Monday, September 25, 2006

left out or left over?

So, tomorrow I head back to grad school. eek.

Being home in Orland Park since Thursday was a nice break away, despite the 2 funerals. Saturday night I went out with two of my friends from home and we had a shit load of fun. Today I relaxed and did homework and my mom made a huge turkey dinner. MMMM leftovers are going back to my apartment with me.

So, overall I'm hanging in there and I've come to peace with a lot. Also, I need to vent on something....

Do you ever feel just left out? Like the third wheel within your own group of friends? Maybe I'm crazy, but sometimes I feel like my friends get closer to each other, and then I kinda just feel left out.. Am I difficult to talk to? Am I not fun to be around? I mean, dont answer those questions, but it just got me to thinking.

Its also funny how things can change soo quickly.. whether it be a relationship, a friendship, life... death.. etc.

Peace is a wonderful thing, people should really look into it more.

Here's to going back to school with a new attitude, despite the fact that I'm going to get my ass kicked by school this week.

Rock out.

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