Saturday, September 30, 2006

Get over it, this is not highschool!

So, out of boredom tonight I went through some of my old friends from highschools myspace blogs. Maybe this is creepy, but I wanted to see what was going on! Well.... I use to have a best friend and up until about January 2005 after we traveled Europe together we were still really good friends. Anyways, what she wrote about me in her blog was complete crap! Anyways, I think I refuted her blog quite poetically, and I just want people to see me and understand me for me! The things she said are in blue, followed by my thoughts on that subject. Enjoy!

To my old best friend:
Yes, I will admit that I read your blog.. not to stalk you, not to make fun of you, but to genuinely follow up on your life. Believe it or not, I am a caring person and I really never understand why we blew up at each other and then started to fucking hate each other. However, I would really like it a lot if you'd read some of my thoughts on what I'm sure you wrote about me.

"to the guy who i actually believed was my friend". -- We were friends, for quite a while I considered you my best friend. Freshman year of college you helped me through a lot. Thank you for that.

"and im pretty sure you think we still are friends" - Why would you ever get this idea.... I have known for quite some time that we are not friends anymore.

"but the way you show up at my job when im at home, read every single one of my blogs, and create fake screennames and post as my friend for the sake of talking to me" ----- If you didn't know, I live in Orland Park, I have lived in Orland Park since March of 2005. I think that regardless of whether or not you work at the mall I should be able to go to the mall when I am home too. I think that I should be able to go to the sunglass hut and I should be able to look at sunglasses without you calling me names, calling security, or making me out to be a huge asshole. I've never created fake screenames to talk to you?? Where did you get this idea from. I do not post anything about you, etc.

"your insane. get over it" --- Maybe you're right, maybe I am insane. However, I have to make my peace with you. I have done nothing since January of 2005 to hurt you, or to make your life hell. I am sorry that you feel that way.

"there is a reason that i have no talked to you for almost 2 years. actually there are like 100 reasons. you are crazy. you can't keep friends. you treat people like shit" ---- Maybe you're right again... I'm crazy for actually taking the time out of my life to write this. In the past I have treated people like shit, but I think you have no room to talk, you've gone through your share of friends since you've been at UNLV, atleast your first year there. I mean, I don't think its fair of you to judge me that way. I have a lot of great friends that I have had for a few years now.

"when you have no more friends, you go back to the ones you hated in high school and talked loads and loads of shit about to me. i laugh when i see you hanging out with those people" ---- Ah, in highschool everyone talks shit. Ah, highschool, remember how I haven't been in highschool since 2002? I'm over that. Wow, you see me at the mall with Britni, who has stuck by my side through a lot. If I talked bad about her in highschool there was probably a reason. Probably the same reasons you talked bad about me in your blog! I'm glad you laugh. But I have a different life at school then at home, and different sets of friends. Again, thanks for judging me!

"you have not changed one bit in the past 2 years. you are the same concieted, shit talking, insulting asshole i knew for all those years. leave me alone." --- That is fine, I will leave you alone. is a public website, sorry that I use it. However, I think you are wrong, I believe I have changed a lot in 2 years. I learned how to live my life for myself, I learned how to love, I learned how to grow. I graduated college and I made some friendships that I will never forget. Wow, go me, I definitely think I have grown.

I am sure you'll read this and laugh and continue to call me a prick, but I really do not think I am. I am a good person and I love myself. I think that is something that is quite important. I'm sorry that you hate me, but I hope that this will help make some peace between you and I.

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