Monday, June 12, 2006

religion quiz and disappointment

My percentages from the "What Religion is the best fit for you" Quiz:

Christianity: 58 Percent

Islam: 50 Percent

Satanism: 50 Percent

Agnosticism: 46 Percent

Buddhism: 45 Percent

Judaism: 33 Percent

Hinduism: 33 Percent

Paganism: 33 Percent

Atheism: 33 percent

So, I scored highest in Christianty on the religion test. Im kind of surprised, considering I felt that my beliefs extended above what most Christians believe and think! Hey, atleast I did not score as a Atheist, right?!? I mean, I do have beliefs..

Also. Erin's dad is sick. like really sick. so sick that she might not be able to come to Chicago anymore. This is the one thing I have looked forward to for four months. :(

Work in the morning, so bed for now.

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