Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Best friends were made at BIRCH TRAIL!

So, my best friend Erin who I met at summer camp two summers ago, is coming in 2 weeks from today. We booked this ticket like 4 months, and now the time is almost here!


June 14th
American Airlines Flight # 2253
Arrives into ORD at 11:18 am!

June 21st
American Airlines Flight # 494
Leaves ORD at 2:13 pm :(

I can't wait to see Erin, I haven't seen her since our trip to Philadelphia in Ocotber. It will definitely be ONE crazy week!


alwiese said...

Yay for camp/summer friends. For some reason, it's so easy for them to get into your heart. Maybe the summer makes us soft. ;-) Just like band camp. hahahahaha

Ray said...

haha. YES YES!! Just like band camp.

I love you :)