Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Never Enough.

Every day of my life presents itself with new tasks and obstacles that I must get through in order to start the next day. I am tired of this! It is just one thing after the other, when am I going to get a break from the aggravation that is my life?

Is it my fault that my life absolutely sucks right now? I have no money, struggling to finish up the final weeks of class, preparing for graduation, making plans for grad school in the fall, trying to get on good terms with my parents. These things are like a full time job on top of my real job! I understand that life is hard and school is suppose to be tough.

I'm trying my hardest right now to balance everything, and make time for everything and everyone. I am one person! Cut me some slack and give me some credit.

I'm going to be a college graduate in 3 weeks, don't I deserve some recognition?


alwiese said...

Maybe you're a little too focused on yourself? What are you giving to others? The easiest way to forget about your own problems is to help someone else.

Look at the great things in your life. You're blessed with work (lots of people can't get a job.) You're in college, (only 1% of the human race get to go to college), you have friends that love you, your parents (although sometimes not the greatest) care about you.

When you give to others, and stop working for yourself, people will want to recognize you.

Love you.

Ray said...

That is the greatest advice anyone has given me in the longest time!

Thanks for being a great friend to me, really :)