Thursday, July 15, 2010

Travel Lusting:

Although my time abroad has come to an end, and I've adjusted to life back in the U.S. I can't help but constantly wonder "where next?"

Even though I am very ready to settle down, buy a condo, find my soul mate, and have a cute dog, I know that there are other adventures in my future. As great as "settling" down sounds, I know that given the opportunity I'd pack my bag and head out on the first place to "anywhere...."

Today I was thinking about the things I still want to do. I know that I have a lifetime to do them, but I like to live my life day to day. I've yet to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu, to ride a camel in Cairo and watch the sunset over the pyramids, to wear a safari hat and snap photos in Kenya, or to sail past a glacier in New Zealand.

Maybe it's hard to settle down when my friends are still on new adventures. Today, one of my great friends Jen, embarked on a year in American Samoa as a Worldteach volunteer. In a few weeks, Ivania, heads to Istanbul to teach kindergarten for a year. I remember the excitement that moving somewhere new engrosses you with. I am ready to feel that excitement again. I guess you can call me the wanderer.

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