Tuesday, April 06, 2010

iPad, whatev.

It always amuses me when people line up outside a store to get the newest, hightec toy that is being sold. These people pay the premium price to be the first ones to try out the toy. What never seems to surprise me is how these people BITCH about the glitches of their new product CONTINUOUSLY.

Newsflash bitches, you should know that when you buy a first generation product that there is going to be a chance that it may not function 100 percent properly. While I know that you spent $499+ dollars on your toy, it's not going to be perfect.

My rant stems from the newest apple product the iPad. Honestly, I'd love to spend $500 dollars on an iPad, but I already have a Macbook, a new iPod, and an iPhone. Do I really need the iPad? Probably not. I am happy with my products that I have, but I also didn't rush out to be the first ones to own them. I waited until the price lowered, a second generation came about, and the hype was gone.

I signed onto cnn.com to read some news, but of course the only news they have is "iPad has Wi-Fi problems!" People are writing comment after comment about how they should get a refund, etc. etc. For starters, why not try to troubleshoot on your own? Also, why not just deal with the realization that you shouldn't spend $500 dollars on a pilot product, because guess what, that is what this is!

Sigh, what's next? An iCar? I better pitch the idea to apple before someone else does.


Lana said...



Funny show; Ipad included.

Printing Quotes | UPrinting Coupons said...

Haha. I don't usually rant but when this iPad was released and most people go gaga over this tech, OMG! I can't stop myself from rants. LOL.

To Be Announced said...

lol this is precisely why I'm waiting to get one till those kinks get all worked out.. that and I can't figure out why you only put at max 32 GB of hard drive.. that's nothing.. my tablet pc has 40 and it was filled quickly..