Friday, February 05, 2010

It's All Been Done:

March 27th is going to be here before I know it, and I'll be in Seattle wishing that I had done everything left on my "to do" list in Seoul.

I finally got around to jotting down some of the things I want to see/do before I leave. This is an ongoing list and I will probably add to it as I give more thought to actually "leaving." If you want to join me on my journey to check these off the list, do let me know!

1. Changdeokgung Palace has a secret garden. I've probably at some point walked past this garden and didn't even notice it. Either way, sometime in March, when the flowers start to bloom, I will go here for a morning/afternoon with my Nikon.

2. Spend an afternoon reading and drinking coffee in my favorite area of Seoul, Samcheongdong. I love this little cafe called "Book Cafe." The place has floor to ceiling book shelves stuffed with all types of books. It truly is a nerd haven. They also have great lattes.

3. I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but as much as I love art, I've yet to visit the Samsung Leeum Museum of Art. Everyone says if you can only make it to one gallery while you're in Seoul, then this is the one to check out. I have been to many galleries, but I've yet to check this one out.

4. Special exhibits: There are 2 in particular that I am looking forward to seeing. One being at the National Museum of Korea, which is hosting an exhibition on ancient Peruvian Civilization. In addition, there is a Monet/Picasso exhibit that I still want to see.

5. Visit Ivania in Daejeon and see what life is really like outside of "Seoul" for a foreigner, or just GET out of Seoul for the weekend. I can't remember the last time I took a weekend trip out of Seoul, it had to have been over the summer. Hmm.

6. Experience a natural "hot spring" bath on the side of a mountain up north.

This weekend, however, I've already made a promise with my body that I'm staying in, reading The Economist, and catching up on sleep.


Amanda said...

The Book Cafe looks awesome!

Faith said...

Wow, you are having a great time in Seoul. That little Book Cafe caught my attention, the place for nerds and book lovers eh? That's a good place to relax your mind.

Tom said...

I would really love to visit Seoul one day. It's not a place that's high on a typical South African's list of places to visit, but everything I have heard about the place is that it is a very friendly, vibrant city

Ray said...

Hey Tom!

Seoul is a great city, and I definitely think you'd enjoy it :)

I also have always had the urge to go to South Africa! I'd love to go there sometime in my life.

If you ever want to chat about either city, let me know.