Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hello Seattle.

Dear fellow reader who already lives in Seattle who is willing to help me find my new "home",

I'm moving to Seattle, Washington on March 27th and I never imagined finding a place to live would be as difficult as it has been. Then again, I think at some point I forgot that I live 6,000 miles from Seattle and I have to base everything from emails and pictures. I've spent countless hours on craigslist and other apartment websites looking for a place that suits my needs.

I've been looking for a large studio or a one bedroom/one bathroom. The only real requests I have is that it has a washer/dryer in unit and a parking spot. Of course all the other stuff like nice appliances, hardwood floors, and a fireplace sound good, but they are not necessary.

I have been centering my search around the suburb of Bellevue (where my office is,) but I wouldn't mind living in the city around the Capital Hill district. Cap Hill in Seattle is like DC's DuPont Circle. Yess. Rent ranging from 700-900 a month is preferred.

If anyone reading this has any ideas, knows someone in Seattle, knows a place for me to live, etc. Please contact me!

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Meridith Ewers said...

Ray Ray! Apartment hunting is so exciting, but it sucks you're in a land far, far away. I hope you find something soon. I would suggest you coming home and us flying out there to hunt apartments....yes yes yes!!!