Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Loose Lips, Sink Ships...

For some reason my web browser at work always directs me to the UK addition of the MSN homepage instead of US one. I usually quickly browse through it, and then hop over to the US page. Today a picture and article titled, "Loose Lips, Sink Ships" got my attention, however, when I clicked on it the page could not be displayed. Don't you hate that? UK MSN get it together, seriously!

Anyways, I decided to steal the idea and make my own 5 Things to Not Say/Share in the office.

1. "That's not my job!"

Sometimes I find myself wanting to shout this out, but then I have to remember that chances are "it is my job!" and I just didn't read all the small print in my contract.

2. "Don't repeat this, but..."

Chances are the person you're telling this to is going to have the same conversation on the way to work, at lunch, or after hours with someone else in the office. I've learned the hard way! Keep your business to yourself!

3. "Did you see this picture of me TRASHED on facebook?"

I don't really have TRASHED pictures of myself on facebook, but I do constantly read articles on blogs where employers are using social media tools when they look for candidates for jobs. Having a picture of yourself wasted and exposed as your default picture, is probably NOT going to get you the dream job you've been hunting for!

4. "I just didn't have enough time to finish it."

Again, if you weren't facebooking, youtubing, and googling, you probably would have had plenty of time to get to it. I find myself sucked into browsing the web at work. Rule of thumb, for every 60 minutes of work, give yourself a 5 minute breather. I have definitely increased productivity since I took my own advice!

5. "Yeah, not a problem at all!"

We're all quick to tell a team mate of colleague, "no problem" but chances are you did not really listen to what they said, or you really don't have the extra time to finish it. If you're not going to complete the project, say, NO! Don't get over your head, which in turn, burns you out early in your career!

Don't be the BIG mouth at work!

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