Sunday, November 08, 2009

Kinochio Sudaimas:

Close your eyes and think about a time that you can remember an extreme rush of adrenaline through the core of your body. Some of you may have imagined sex, bungee jumping, cliff diving, sky diving, etc. I, however, envision my newest obsession/hobby: Taiko Drum Master.

Taiko Drum Master is a drumming game based on the popular Japanese arcade game. You can now buy this game for your Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation, but I doubt that it will compare to the actual arcade game.

The game has two main characters- WadaDon, a red-faced and blue body taiko, and WadaKatsu, a blue-faced and red body taiko. I am always WadaKatsu and Jen is always WadaDon.

The point of the game is to drum to the beat of the song by following symbols that move horizontally along a timeline. These symbols show you what to hit and when. Sometimes you have a single strike and sometimes a double strike, but you have to know which and when.

As you hit each symbol successfully you build up your life meter. If the meter is past a certain point by the end of the song, then you have passed the song. Usually the taiko's throw some confetti and give you a ribbon.

There are many levels to this game, and we've figured out that you need to get at least 75 percent accuracy to pass the song. This gets more difficult with the harder levels, but so far we've mastered the beginner and intermediate levels.

Last night I got a complete rush through my whole body as I got 100 percent accuracy on a song. Jen and I both were kicking butt, so much that a few koreans and Japanese gathered around us to watch. We thought we were the shit, until a Japanese guy went after us and was able to do the hardest level like it was nothing at all.

All in all it was a fun way to spend an hour, but today I can barely make a fist.

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Louise | said...

LOL! I love that game too! I think I broke my carpals playing that the first time. Haha~ Yes, I'm weak. X(