Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ten Facts:

1. Tomorrow is, indeed, my 25th birthday.

2. I do have ridiculous allergies in the late summer/early fall seasons. Watch out as I sneeze!

3. I finally, seven days later, unpacked my suit cases from my trip to Chicago.

4. My air conditioning is controlled by the building manager and hasn't been on in three days. Today it was 80 degrees and I am a sweating-mess disaster.

5. I whole heartedly miss Jin and wonder daily if he's alive and well in Khazakstan.

6. I have zero plans to celebrate my birthday.

7. I did buy a gnarly world map and posted it on my blank off-white wall.

8. I have not worked in three weeks. I resume work tomorrow, and I haven't missed it a bit.

9. I saw and wept like a baby through the movie "My Sister's Keeper".

10. I ate at Smokey Saloon's two days in a row!

1 comment:

Adventures of a Substitute Teacher said...

Are you going to put little thumb tacks on your map for all the places you've been. When I finally get my own classroom, I'm gonna put pictures of all the places I've been with a little string to that location on the map. To be perfectly honest though I stole that idea from Lauren.