Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bad News Bears:

It seems like anytime I plan a trip, something goes wrong. Either the weather calls for a 100 percent chance of thunderstorms for every day that I'll be in that city, or there is a terrible plane wreck the day before somewhere in the world, or I get sick! This time around, it's the later.

On Monday I woke up with a very sore throat. I didn't think much of it, thinking that perhaps I got a cold from sleeping with my windows open. I took some dayquil and went to work. Tuesday morning I woke up and could hardly swallow. I felt like I was going to die, but went to work anyways. Half way through the day, I was burning up. After spending my 40 minute lunch break asleep in my bed at home, I decided to use my prep time to go to the doctor. I didn't even have my mouth open for 2 seconds, when he was like, "Ray, you definitely have tonsillitis". Maybe it was the white pus sacks that gave it away, ah? Either way, he gave me a nice injection in my bum to relieve the pain and prescribed a three day prescription. I was told to come back on Friday to determine my fate.

So it is now Thursday. I currently do not have a fever (although I did have a slight one last night before bed) but I do still have pus sacks on my tonsils and I still cannot swallow solid foods. I have to get on a plane at 9 am on Saturday morning for Taipei. The question of the day is- Do I go? Obviously there is a chance I might feel better come Saturday morning, but what if I don't? While I can still play tourist with a sore throat, what are the chances that I might get quarantined at the airport? I just do not want to spend my weekend in the Taipei airport because they are still doing screening for the swine flu.

Part of me wants to go regardless. If I can get through customs, at least I'll be out of Seoul (which is the whole point of the trip). If I have to spend the weekend in a hotel bed, that is better than nothing!

That's my rant for today. What do you guys think? Sink or swim?


sarah said...

wow ray. tough call. tonsilitis in adults is way way more painful and dangerous than in children. are you okay?

if it were me, i would probably stay home. there is nothing worse than being in a foreign country where you know nothing about the medical facilities and being sick,

but how much can you get back from your ticket price? thats an issue too, i guess.

Ray said...


See if I were in America and had a normal job, I'd be able to take the time off of work to recover. Unfortunately, that isn't the case here. I've had to work all week sicker than a dog.

I am not sure if I can get back anything for my ticket. It might be non-refundable. I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow for a check up and more drugs (he only gave me a 3 day prescription-- because the pills are all gone after I take my last dose tonight).

I'm going to put the ball into his court and see what he says!

A.B. said...

Wow - that's rough. Hope you're doing okay. It's never fun to be sick, but even worse when you're far from home. It sounds like a fun trip, and I'm sure it would be. But getting quarantined in an airport? Hmmm see how it goes w/ the MD. The ticket it already paid for regardless if you go. Maybe look at your ticket as paying x amt. of dollars to stay home and recover, or x amt. of dollars to stay in an airport, quarantined. It might be a good choice to stay home. Chalk one up to health, rest, and care. Good luck!

Jo said...

SWIM!!! I get down with tonsilitis once a year every year and I know that with a good anibiotics it usually takes 3 days to recover. So you should be fine : ) Trust me.