Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cut Us Some Slack!!

Why is it that those of us who want to pursue higher education get completely screwed over?

Those who do not go to school, or can't find a job can easily get food stamps, unemployment, general assistance, but I can't even get a grant to go to school?

I make barely enough money to keep me above poverty, but if I want to go get another Master's degree the US government expects me to come up with 8,000 dollars out of my pocket?

What's the point these days? With a struggling economy, and University tuition on the rise, will you ever make back the money to pay off these loans that we are forced to take it?

Unless you come from the one percent of the population who are inherently wealthy, or are homeless and barefoot in the eyes of the US Federal Government we must all be RICH.

America, you fail.

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Amanda said...

Can you save up the money here before you leave? I was about to leave and get another degree on loans until the economy tanked - I'm not entirely happy about staying, but it seems the most "responsible" thing to do.