Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Back to Reality.

I wish I had something exciting to write about. I have friends who are casually dating, and loving it. I have other friends that can report about the neat things that she does as a first year medical student. As gross as it all sounds, those cadavers actually seem pretty intense and awesome. I guess you'd think I'd be a little more interesting, considering that I live 7,000 miles across the world. Alas, I'm not.

The whole point of a vacation is to relax, and forget about work--- right?! I realized though, that you usually need another week off after a vacation, just to prepare yourself to go back to work. Did that make any sense?! Especially considering I spent 28 hours on an airplane in a matter of 11 days, and flew across the Pacific Ocean twice. I had to adjust to drastic time zone changes twice!

This is my fourth day back to work. It's Thursday already though- wow! It's weird how fast time has gone lately. Anyways, I've yet to unpack. I've been living out of a suit case now for almost 3 weeks, because I never unpacked when I was on vacation in Chicago either. Even though I have a huge closet at home, and my mom provided me with hangers- I just never understood the point of unpacking just to re-pack days later. To say the least, I think all my cute work clothes must have been buried at the bottom of my suit case, because I definitely look like shit today. I got to work and looked in the mirror and immediately asked myself- "What were you thinking?!" --- ever had one of those days? Even after ironing my pants, they still look like crap. It's also no fun to get dressed when you're in that "iffy" stage with all of your clothes. Some things are too tight, some things are too big. Nothing can ever be "just right". Why is it that sometimes sweaters just do not sit right on your shoulders? Why is it sometimes they seemed stretched out, even after they been washed and dried?

I look like a very tired, frumpy, not put together teacher today. Oh well! I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend- it'll provide me a chance to unpack and unwind. I also will get to spend some time with my friends here in Seoul, and hopefully eat some good (but over priced food)

That's one thing that I need to do- I really need to acclimate my stomach back to Korean food. I had Korean for lunch on Monday, and I've avoided it since..... I even ate McDonald's for lunch two days in a row! No wonder those pants I brought back from home no longer fit. jeez!

Let us all raise our glasses in the air, and toast for the weekend! In the meantime, I'll continue to go through the motions, like a robot on it's last little bit of battery.

At least I'm off to the beaches of Malaysia in 2 weeks, right?!

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