Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Project Obama?!

I saw these photos on a friends blog recently.... One of my guilty pleasures is Project Runway, and since some of these designs hail from past contestants, I happened to be quite intrigued. Also, I love Michelle Obama... and I happen to have a friend that is going to the inauguration. I'll never forget when Wendy and I went to Bush's inauguration in 2005. No, I'm not a Bush supporter, but to say that I've actually been to an inauguration is pretty amazing!

Chado Ralph Rucci; Carolina Herrera; Peter Som

Herrera and Som have chic and sexy numbers for that First Lady--- first ever appearance while the Rucci seems reminiscent of a skeletal umbrella frame.

Zero + Maria Cornejjo; Diane Von Furstenberg; Tracy Reese

these scream dump truck; straight jacket; and raincoat.

Christian Lacroix; Rachel Roy: Tuleh

Cruella Deville; Princess Dianish;intriguing but I'm not sold yet.
Christian Lacroix; Tuleh; Zac Posen

Disney Evil Queen Malficent; now this is a home run; Urban Gothic Vampire um no.
Carolina Herrera; Marc Jacobs; Isaac Mizrahi

Persephone reborn, bravo; this one is too dainty; They look like crayolas
Monique Lhuillier; Diane Von Furstenberg; Michael Kors

Simmering and Sophisticated; Dynasty Redux minus shoulder pads; wake me when we're serious
Oscar de la Renta; Rodarte; Betsey Johnson
Nice, but expected; I want to see more; this is how to get your husband impeached

The folks at Project Runway also threw themselves into the ring with decidely mixed results. I think a couple dreamed up something quite special while a few, most noticeably Chris March, whipped up something out of an Inaugral Nightmare.

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~*sis*~ said...

i kinda like the mizrahi, but i'm a fan of pinks (and crayola, lol)....the RW&B themed ones made me smile!
i liked that the obama girls coordinate with their mum!