Monday, September 01, 2008

Dirty. Politics.

I had to take a second to reflect on what I saw on CNN today.

Sarah Palin, recent VP running mate of John McCain, has a 17 year old unmarried daughter who is pregnant. To some, this may not seem like a problem. I could not help but to think that Palin was such a bad choice for McCain.

I am a liberal Democrat. While I am not 100 percent convinced that I will vote Obama in the next election, I'm almost certain I'd never support McCain. Not only because she votes party lines, and I disagree with almost everything that he stands for. His dream of getting any Hilary supporters dimished when he picked Palin. Sure, she's a woman. I get that maybe he thought women who support her simply for that. But she's a member of the NRA, and she is anti-prochoice. Yet, her daughter is HAVING her baby?!


I have to go eat lunch now. But more to come!

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Amanda said...

I don't think he chose her to get any Clinton supporters. I think he chose her to resonate with the Republican base that thinks he is too liberal. She is soooo socially conservative and they can spin that daughter thing - she isn't have an abortion, after all...