Friday, September 26, 2008

5th grade.

I am not a huge fan of teaching 5th grade. They are disrespectful, and I'm not use to disrespectful students.

Anyways, we've been reading this story in Reading class about a blind woman and her guide dog Ursala. Since the story talks about braille (the system of writing that the blind use) I thought it'd be interesting to teach it in my class. So today, I gave them a project. I came up with a list of questions, and they had to answer them using braille. I gave them a sheet with all the letters on it, and how to make the braille.

Moral of the story, I thought it was really a cool idea... they unfortunately, did not.

At the end of the day, I sometimes feel like a failure. Maybe this is one of the reasons. Hmm.



aurora b said...

Ray that's not you, honey... do you remember being in 5th grade? I'm sure it's difficult to convince children on the precipice of hormonal change to do much of anything, much less a braille assignment.

You're TRYING to be resourceful and creative.

aurora b said...

You should read Educating Esme if you haven't already... "A Diary of a Teacher's First Year". Filled with as much hope and wisdom, as well as cursing and disgust as one can muster. Plus, it takes place in Chicago??? I think???