Monday, March 10, 2008

time flies.... literally.

It's almost surreal when I think back that 7 months ago I was saying goodbye to my friends and family and packing for my year long adventure in Korea.

Thinking I was coming here to a stellar job, a great loft apartment, and a good location died hard a week after being here. While my apartment is really great compared to most others in the area, I think you can all figure out while this experience hasn't been exactly what was anticipated.

Alas, I'm leaving Incheon in 3 weeks. While I'm really excited to move to Seoul, and experience something completely different than I have over the past 7 months, I also will miss a lot about where I am now....

1. The beef galbi restaurant and shabu shabu- they are basically across the street from me and more delicious than ever.
2. Random week nights out with Sophie, Peter, Alison, and Holly.
3. Knowing the bus system
4. My apartment and my bed here.
5. Some of my current students.

That's just my short list :)

This past weekend was pretty low key and alright. I didn't get to see Joonho nearly as much as I wanted- but I did get to hang out with friends: Shopping, hiking, movies, good American-style breakfast, and random Saturday afternoon drinking are all included.

We have 2 long weekends in May, and I really want to go to Hong Kong. If you're reading this and want to join me. Let me know soon.

I felt like I had more to say, but I'm going to leave you here.....anticipation......

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