Saturday, December 15, 2007

Follow through...

Did you ever know that the titles of all the episodes of Grey's are song lyrics? I remember thinking that once, but sometimes I just thought it was coincidence.... maybe I should start all my blogs the same way? Very original, eh?

This was a very long week, as I had to wait the whole week to see someone! AH! Waiting is not fun, I've decided that sometimes patience is anything but a virtue. In other news, my mom sent me a x-mas care package- which included a 24 inch tree, lights, and tiny ornaments. It made my week to say the least.

Not much has been going on here, in the same routine, and just counting down the days for things to look forward to! Joonho and I are going to Jeju island in 2 weeks for a mini-trip and I'm quite excited. Jeju, for those that do not know, is a volcanic island which features swaying palm trees, cactus plants, orange orchards, sandy beaches, etc. Most people in Korea go there for their honeymoon I guess. Anyways, we are going to explore, and ride scooters, and go on a submarine ride in the ocean. I'm stoked!

Also, Thailand is fast approaching, and Annie will be here in 45 days!

Teaching is always getting better, but there are definitely days that I doubt myself.... but that's a different story for a different blog. Also, I'm starting to learn more about people here, who my real friends are and who is just holding on for the ride. I've been here over 4 months now, and it's weird to think I'm officially 1/3 the way done!

Not much else to report on! I'm starting to seriously think what I want to do with my life. Any suggestions?

My little tree, and the presents that my mom sent... along with traveler's checks of course!

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