Thursday, September 27, 2007

What's a boy to do!?

Yes, tomorrow is already Friday! It's nice that we had a 5 day weekend and only a 2 day week!

And tomorrow marks the one week mark until pay day! Been here 6 weeks, and yet to see any money, so this is going to be a liberating day to say the least. Basically because I have about 25,000 won (30 bucks) to last until then!

So, today I found out my schedule for October. I guess our teaching schedule will change month to month. I guess I've had it easy working 12:30-7:30 because next month I get the privilege of working until 9 pm on Tuesday/Thursday!

I'm already starting to think about what is next in my life... I know that I have 10.5 months left here, but if I was to stay I'd definitely go work at a University. I didn't know until I got here, but with a master's I could have easily gotten a job working at the Uni making probably double what I'm making now! I'm a silly boy for not finding out before I came over that this was a possibility! However, like my mom would say, "that's what I get for rushing into things!" --- either way, I know that this is a once and a lifetime opportunity and I have to enjoy every second of it!

One of these days I'll clean my back pack out and post the findings so that I can find out what my back pack says about me.... right AB? ha!

Nothing else new to report on!

This is sokoguy, signing out....

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