Sunday, August 12, 2007

what happened to summer?

That is definitely the question I've been asking myself all day.

As everyone is getting ready to start another academic year, I still have yet to finish last years academic year. While everyone has enjoyed a summer vacation full of fun and traveling, I was interning and taking classes and studying. Yes, I realize that as of Tuesday (after my oral comps ofcourse) I will never have to set foot into a school building again, but I didn't realize how much I missed having a summer break. Other than a few random weekends (annie and erins visit to chicago in May and August) I really did nothing but slept, work, and school. I finish my master's on Tuesday, and then on Sunday I board a plane to begin work.

I guess growing up is really never as fun as you might have dreamt it to be as a kid......

I guess I should go be productive.. I might need some encouragement, feel free to leave some love.


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Jovy said...

hugs. . .

we still need to hang