Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fall brings more than just love. thanks.

As I was reading a friends blog about love and its relationship to fall, I got to thinking about how that was a silly topic. I mean, I really do not believe that people fall in love because it's fall. However, I do believe that fall brings up some wonderful things:

1. The cool weather means I break out my cute sweater collection from the gap :)
2. The change in season brings lovely colors in the trees to admire and photograph
3. The cooler crisp air gets people out on the weekends to enjoy things such as farmer markets, pumpkin patches, and sunny days at the park.
4. Fall brings about a change in my daily drink at Starbucks.... goodbye venti iced caramel machiatto, hello venti vanilla chai latte :)
5. Fall means school has officially begun, and it that much closer to being over... *sigh stupid grad school*
6. Longer nights, hence I can go to bed earlier :)

In retrospect, never say I love you, unless you freakin' mean it.

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