Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Birthdays, Stress, and sushi

So tomorrow is my birthday and I just do not know how I feel about it yet. I mean, yes, another year is coming, woo hoo. What is there to be excited for. Of course presents and praise is always nice, but there comes a time when you just look at the past year and you're not quite sure you want to be another year older.

This past year of my life has been different.... While I am pleased that I have graduated college and have moved on to GRAD school, I am not quite sure if I am where I want to be. Growing up I always thought I would end up at some great law school making something out of myself. Here I am in corn field USA, living off of loan money, and a little unsure about what is my next step.

So what do I cheer to tomorrow when my friends and I go for sushi and drinks, "Here's to another year of doing things the hard way and making last minute decisions" or "Here's to just going with the flow and hoping for the best" or should I just pat myself on the back and be happy that I've come this far?

Not to sound like a complete brat but I want a "Here's to having a great job, an awesome wardrobe, and a stud of a man" -- when do I get that?

In good news, my 2.5 hour class got cancelled tonight and once this proposal for my thesis is completed I am a free man until... well tomorrow at 12:30.

Keep rockin' out Charleston, we like it here!


cvizzy613 said...

OK so I found a great birthday card for you and I CANNOT find it. Anywhere. I am going to tear the house apart. It's gotta be frickin' somewhere you'd think. So you'll either get a late card or a not as cool card. LOL. Happy almost birthday, don't be thinking any negative thoughts. Save those for the other 364 days of the year haha just kidding.

AllyBaby said...

"Here's to another year of doing things the hard way and making last minute decisions"

If you never have to work hard, live on a tight budget and be someplace that you dont consider a dream you will never truly appreciate the clothes you can buy with a masters degree or the awesome places that you can live once youve finished your schooling.

In this past year youve graduated from college, changed your attitude and stopped being a douche, and made a ton of friends.
I think thats something to be proud of. Think of how much you could accomplish in another year!