Saturday, August 26, 2006

Be Optimistic.

While my good pal Celia is out and about in the lovely city of Champaign-Urbana, I'm still here in Chuck Town being as lazy as one can be. She is out seeing Marty Casey and toasting beers at Legends, and I'm here sipping my diet coke reading horribly boring journal entries at 5 am. What is the world coming to? And do not even get me started on how Stephanie is in New Orleans at the pool swimming her day away! Gosh!

So its Saturday and I really have yet to get busy on the horribly large pile of reading I have to do for Monday. Maybe I shall name today "the laziest day of the week" -- then tomorrow I can spend the entire day at the library and be a super cool guy. What do you think!

I know you all really want to know what I'm reading so you can add it to your own reading list! Let me know what you think :) So I'll attach a picture of 1 of the lovely books I am reading.

1 comment:

cvizzy613 said...

Now the quantitative methods book, that's hot. Almost as hot as my text books.

PS - What were you doing Thursday night Mr. Poor Diet coke Sipper... just cause I had a little fun in Champaign doesn't mean I'm not back here in the hole working on shite!!! LOL.

Now go study!