Friday, June 30, 2006

debt and boredom and blah

This summer has been a lot of fun so far, but I still find myself horribly bored all of the time. I am starting to hate my laptop. I can only spend so many hours of the day in front of this screen. However, I am starting to meet some cool older guys around the area. It doesn't hurt to make some new friends ah?!? Scott and I were talking today how we need to get more involved in the gay community, so we're going to look into volunteering for some sort of organization.

Anyways, I learned how to use photoshop. I think black and white photos are so in now. I'll attach a picture!

Last night Scott, Candice, and I went to Navy Pier for the fireworks. It started to rain when we got there, and we ended up eating buffalo wings and drinking beer instead. Oh well! I still had fun.

I feel like I complain a lot, but I am constantly thinking about where I wish my life was going right now, and how it just is not happening. I really want to take the year off, I have my bachelors degree, why rush into getting my master's. I just want to live in the city and have fun with my friends. Is that SO much to ask for?!?

Sometimes I need feedback on my own life, but I just am looking in all the wrong places.

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alwiese said...

Look inside yourself and put your dreams into motion, nothing is going to happen until you make it happen. Live your dreams, don't just dream about them...