Tuesday, November 16, 2010


You can take the Nomad away from traveling, but you can't ever take the travel bug out of the nomad.

I decided today that I miss my old life. While I do not miss Korea, teaching, or being far away from familiar things, I miss trips, culture, traveling, airplanes, photos, etc.

My friend Ivania teaches in Turkey and is currently traveling in Egypt. My friend Laura teaches in Germany and is spending Christmas in Egypt. My friend Jennifer lives in American Samoa and is probably off to New Zealand. Other friends are living in China, Japan, Costa Rica, Austria, and Vietnam. I just have this itch to live abroad again, travel again, be free... again.


Andrea said...

thanks for forgetting about me =(

Anonymous said...
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Cheryl said...

hi ray,

im a write in malaysia..came across yr blog while researching on malaysian urban nomads. wondering if, during yr travels, you met malaysian citizens who live the nomadic lifestyle?


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